Your company can boost its marketing and public relations strategy for several months with our unrivalled privilege packages.

With the support of its sponsors, the Musée Maillol has developed a cultural programme that is bold, accessible and of great scholarly significance.

Your special privileges:
Thanks to the special conditions for sponsors, the real amount of your company's gift is minimal, as:
- 60 % of the sponsorship contribution from your company can be deducted from your corporation tax (up to 0.5 % of turnover before tax).
- 25 % of the sponsorship contribution from your company can be attributed to it in return for communication and public relations efforts, to be determined together.

Organise exceptional events in our reception areas: Prestigious evening reception, Special Visits, guided tours of exhibitions, etc.

Share your commitment with collaborators and clients: invitations to exhibition previews, fast-pass entry to the museum, exhibition catalogues to distribute, etc.

Share your values with a wider audience in a different way: your company logo and an acknowledgement of its support will be displayed on our media (metro and bus campaigns, advertisements, invitation cards, newsletters, banners, visitor books, press releases, etc.

For all information on the upcoming programme at the Musée Maillol and the opportunities for association with it that are available to your company, please contact:
Sébastien Borghi, Sponsorship Manager